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To live your best life, you must learn time and energy management.


I consider TIME and ENERGY the top two most important resources that you should be managing.  If you master time and energy management, your life will be forever changed.  You will now hold the key to getting $#!+ done.

Sadly, I did not appreciate these two resources when I was younger and without kids.  Back then, I thought I was “really, really” busy.  Sometimes too busy to exercise or keep me healthy.  After kids, I am lucky if I can shower or wash my hair!!!

For instance, before children, if I was up late partying or watching Netflix, it was all good because I could sleep in late.  Yes, I said it, sleep… I know all the parents out there are thinking “Pfffft, sleep in late? What’s that? Maybe I can do that once my kids are in college.” Therefore, you are in good company.

That is one thing becoming a parent does; it gives you a new found appreciation and perspective of your old (and new) ways of life. That is to say, these two resources, time and energy, need to be used ruthlessly to get through the day, be your best self, and live your ideal life.

So, whenever I feel like I am having an off day, week, or month, the first two things that I analyze are how I am spending my time and how I feel energetically.


Time and energy management: why is this important and how to make the best of them both


Both TIME and ENERGY have a quality and quantity component that needs to be evaluated regularly and especially whenever something in your life feels off.  That is to say; it isn’t just about how much (quantity) time or energy you have.  The quality, or description, of your time and energy, is just as important as the amount.




Becoming a parent makes you appreciate time because you realize it is precious and goes all too quickly.  You never get back wasted time.

Therefore, time management is crucial to stop you from getting sucked into the parenting vortex where you haven’t done anything for yourself, filled your tank, or followed your dreams.  When not used efficiently, so much time gets spent on things that do not matter, make you happy or re-energize you.

Nowadays, I reserve my time for my family, including my strong-willed toddlermy soon to be toddler (she is 11 months at the date of this post) and husband, and my personal and business goals.  To read more about why moms should go after their goals and dreams, click here.

That’s how I spend my time because my family and my goals mean a lot to me.  Similarly, what you spend your time on should show your priorities, values, and responsibilities.

Here are some things to ask yourself that evaluate the quality and quantity of time spent…


  • How am I spending my time?
  • Am I spending it how I would like to?
  • What are the most important things in my life and is how I spend my time reflected by these things?
  • How do I feel in general with how I spend my time?
  • Am I fully engaged and present when I am spending time with/doing XYZ?


  • What amount of time do I want to dedicate to XYZ?
  • What amount of time could I dedicate to XYZ?
  • Am I always rushing?
  • What can I take off my plate (partially or entirely)?



Next up is energy.  And any mom already knows how precious your energy is once you have kids.  Energy is vital in EVERYTHING we do, including parenting.

Becoming a parent makes you aware of your energy levels (quantity) and the type of energy (quality).  It’s safe to say; energetically, most parents are exhausted at some point in time and feel like they are running on fumes.  Therefore, now it’s time to recharge!

Additionally, consider what type of energy you are bringing to the table: are you happy, cranky, sad, mad, stress, positive, negative, etc. For example, I learned very quickly that with my girls, I may never get a full nights rest and that when I am eating poorly, it seems to make me feel worse.  So, for me, I try to keep my energy levels up by staying hydrated, eating clean 80/20 ish, exercising and, most importantly, caffeine!!

For the times that the energy I am bringing to the table is not so positive, I figure out what I can do to change that.  For instance, some things that work for me are: closing my eyes or meditating for 5 minutes, diffusing essential oils, putting on some music, dancing or reading or listening to something inspirational.


  • How do I feel in general?
  • How do I feel daily?
  • What feelings do I want to feel daily?
  • What can I do to feel the way I want to feel?


  • How much energy do I have?
  • Do I need more energy?
  • What can I do to increase the amount of energy I have?
  • Is there something that is draining my energy?

I hope these questions go you thinking about how you want to spend your time and energy and how to manage them better!

In conclusion, time and energy management will help you take control of your life and live life on your terms.




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