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Or has there been a question on your mind that you are unsure how to answer? Or how to go about it?

Over the past few years, I have been learning how to follow my intuition and tap into divine guidance.  For all aspects of my life and I really mean ALL aspects. Whether that is motherhood, career, relationships, projects, love or finances- everything!

I had been looking into different tools and modalities that allow me to tap into my intuition.  The requirements were that the tool must be positive, uplifting and reassuring.  That they relieved some of the anxiousness I felt about the unknown.  And helped me move towards a more aligned life.

Out of everything I have tried so far, one of my favorite tools which are also the easiest to implement is Oracle cards!  I also count this as a form of self-care.


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Without too much detail, Oracle cards are messages meant to help you to tap into your inner wisdom and gain clarity.  They also can help you to look at a situation in a different way.  Oracle cards can provide confirmation or guide you down an alternate path.  There is so much guidance they can provide.

The great thing about Oracle cards is that you can ask them for guidance on anything.  For example, some questions I’ve asked for guidance on this month are: What do I need to know about my daughters today?  Is it time to go back to work in corporate?  Should I pursue this project or will this help financially?

So, as you can tell, you can ask your oracle cards for guidance on anything!

Also, each deck usually comes with a guidebook on how to use the deck, expanded explanations and recommended card spreads.  They are easy to understand and implement right out of the box.  That’s is a huge win in my book!

So, without further ado, here are…..



I love this deck so much!  Firstly, the imagery is just stunning and the messages are perfect for any question you need guidance on.  Secondly, the images capture the messages perfectly making it easy to intuitively interpret what the card means for your question.  However, in the beginning, I would highly recommend using the guidebook.  It provides a thorough interpretation for each card that dives deep into the answers you seek as well as an exercise to “Work Your Light”!

This is another deck with wonderful messages and gorgeous artwork.  And is another one of my go to’s.  I typically use this deck to find a theme or inspiration for the day.  For example, the messages are great to use as affirmations that help to welcome light and love into your life.  Additionally, for those that want to delve deeper into the messages on the cards, I would highly recommend reading the book associated with these cards, too.

I was drawn to this deck because of its inclusiveness of all the “Keepers of the Light” and spiritual teachers across cultures, religions and time periods. Each card depicts a spiritual teacher as well as a lesson we can learn from them.  Additionally, this deck can be intuitively interpreted as they have lessons written on each card.  You can take your intuitive reading a step further if you know a bit about each spiritual teacher.

Interestingly, I had originally bought this card deck because it was on sale (yes- I am a hoarder collector of oracle and tarot decks).  I had no idea what to expect or that I would begin to work with it so soon after I purchased it.  But, oh my goodness, this deck is amazing!  Each card has a message from Archangel Michael at the top and a prayer at the bottom.  The prayers are my favorite part of the card and I find they help internalize the message of the card.  While the message at the top of each card is pretty straightforward, I would recommend using the longer explanations given in the guidebook until you get comfortable with the deck.  Above all, the guidebook has some hidden gems that you may not think of based on what is on the card.

I love this deck for a quick and dirty answer to a question.  More specifically, all the messages on the card are very straight to the point.  So, there isn’t really a need to revisit the guidebook explanations although they do go a little more in depth.  If you are looking for a deck that is less abstract and more black and white, I would highly recommend this deck.

Firstly, I am a huge fan of Don Miguel Ruiz’s work in general.  And I highly recommend reading the book associated with the cards which can be found here or any of his books.  This deck I use in a similar way as The Universe Has Your Back cards I mentioned earlier.  I typically pull a card or two as messages that I need to hear for that specific day or a given situation.  This deck, as well as the book, really help you look at life in a different way that helps increase your happiness and freedom.

I hope you check out some or all of these decks and add them into your daily routine.  Each deck provides unique guidance that is meant to inspire us to step into our full power.

Please let me know how you like any of these decks if you have tried them out.  Also, feel free to recommend any decks you like to work with because one can never have too many decks!

Please share this list with anyone you think would be interested in using Oracle decks and needs some recommendations.

Thanks for reading!

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