Meagan Robles-Harris

Positive Mindset Mentor for Ambitious Moms

Helping you channel your full potential & live your best life

“Your potential is always bigger than whatever problem you are going through”

-Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

My Story

I am a chemical and biomedical engineer turned pranic healer and positive mindset and personal development mentor. And I am here to help you feel great mind, body, and spirit so you can be the best that you can be.

I made this space because it is too easy to be consumed with the day to day tasks, other people’s beliefs and time wasters leading us to neglect ourselves, our wants, and our needs.  And you know the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

I found that self-care and positive mindset is such a HUGE contributor to what separates those that are living a happy, inspired, and empowered life versus those who are not.  And I am committed to you feel like yourselves again (and maybe even better!), focus on your happiness and do more of what makes you feel good while doing less of what makes you feel not so great.

The information and products that you find on this website are things that I have learned and have applied or am applying to my life to feel better and live up to my potential.  I am just like you, trying to grow as a person, take care of myself, and find joy on the regular.

I am here to help you because “each one teach one.”


My Values & Beliefs

Self-care is a necessity

Taking care of your mind, body, and spirit will make you happier, more energized, and think with more clarity.

Always follow your intuition

How many times have we gone against that little voice only to regret it?  Your intuition is there to lead you closer to happiness, your dreams, and your purpose.  Listen and follow!

Evaluate your mindset & beliefs

We tend to run on autopilot based on our mindset, beliefs, and prior programming, which can either work for us or against us.  Pausing before reacting or making a decision can give us the space to realize that other options may be better for us. And sometimes this makes all the difference!

Make your own rules

Nothing sucks more than realizing you have been living your life by someone else’s rule book.  Figure out what is important to you and do that.

My Approach

My approach is a combination of energy work, NLP, and strategy that I have learned through training, books, and applying it to my life.  It is an eclectic style that taps into different aspects of one's mind, body, and soul.  My style is always evolving as I grow, develop, and heal alongside my clients.  

Each client receives customized sessions based on beliefs, goals, and personal growth.  There is no one size fits all approach.  We are all on different journeys, have different goals and obstacles to overcome, and each session reflects that.

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