I’m Meagan Robles-Harris

Mental, Physical & Spiritual Wellness Mentor
Energy Worker, NLP Practioner & Intiutive Oracle Reader

Good Life to Great Life:  Helping You Dream and Live Big

Energetic Empowerment Coaching

A fusion of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Pranic Healing and other coaching strategies to remove mental and energetic blockages that may be stopping you from living up to your full potential!

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Sessions

A divination tool to ask your spirit guides and the universe for insight on specific situations that you need guidance on.

Pranic Healing

Non-toxic, no-touch energy healing modality that uses Prana (Body's Life Energy) to heal one's energetic body

Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP)

Strategies to reprogram your mind to gain more clarity and feel more empowered.


Learn to listen and follow your instincts.  We may use Tarot & Oracle cards as tools, but you hold the power.


Good, old practical strategy to achieve your goals and live the life you want.

What This Brand is About

Our company is a mental, physical, and spiritual wellness brand which gives you the tools and guidance to live your life to it’s fullest, step into your higher purpose and live authentically.

This website is a safe place that works on mindset, healing, personal development, spiritual wellness, self-love, self-care, goal setting and other tools to take charge of your life and be the person you have always wanted to be. We hope you leave our website feeling empowered, in charge, and most importantly, happy with yourself and your life.

Whether you chose Energy Empowerment Coaching, Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Sessions, any of our digital or physical products or read any of our free content, we hope that you leave feeling lighter, with more clarity and motivation to live your best life!

You’re in the right place if…

  1. You are ready to change your life (MOST IMPORTANT)
  2. You feel that you have lost sight of yourself and want to get back on track
  3. You are living by someone else’s rules and want to start writing your rule book
  4. You have an ailment that needs mental & energetic clean-up
  5. You are ready to let go of your past beliefs and thought patterns to step into your future with more freedom
  6.  You are prepared to feel more empowered and step into your full potential

Latest on the blog


HAVE YOU EVER FELT YOU NEEDED A LITTLE MORE GUIDANCE?  OR PERHAPS, SOME EXTRA INSPIRATION? Or has there been a question on your mind that you are unsure how to answer? Or how to go about it? Over the past few years, I have been learning how to follow my intuition and...

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Are you looking to pack the most punch out of your self-care routine?   First of all, sometimes it isn’t about MORE self-care. It is about the quality. And no, what I am about you is not going to require more money. What is it you may be thinking? Read on to get...

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  To live your best life, you must learn time and energy management.   I consider TIME and ENERGY the top two most important resources that you should be managing.  If you master time and energy management, your life will be forever changed.  You will now hold...

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Since becoming a mom, have you felt like your goals have taken the back burner?   For whatever the reason may be... You have no time for yourself. The dreaded mom guilt creeps in if you prioritize anything other than your family. You are too tired to fit anything...

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Terrible two parenting is hard enough! Now, how about parenting a strong-willed toddler in their terrible twos?   Actual conversation in our household... Daddy: Riley, I said, don't touch that.  Your hands are dirty.  If you don't listen again, I am going to take...

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Meet the Blogger: 12 Fun Facts About Me

Hey there and welcome to my little piece of the internet! I am Meagan Robles-Harris, your mind, body, and soul wellness mentor.  I love all things personal growth, positive mindset, and spirituality related.  I have my hands full raising 2 spirited girls under 4 and a...

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About Me

Hey, I’m Meagan, and I believe you can have the life you have always imagined!  How we take care of our energetic, mental, and physical body plays a significant role in how we feel, make decisions, and show up in the world.

I use a fusion of Pranic Healing, Neuro-Linguistics Programming, Tarot & Oracle Cards, and other strategies to help you declutter, heal, and clear out whatever is stopping you from being your most empowered self.

My wish for everyone is to have a more positive mindset and that they can see situations with a fresh pair of eyes, be able to take charge of the actions and reactions and feel better physically, mentally and energetically.

Testimonials Coming Soon!

“Mauris aliquam lobortis eros tincidunt sodales. Vestibulum non quam vitae sapien eleifend varius. Phasellus id metus mauris.”

“Mauris aliquam lobortis eros tincidunt sodales. Vestibulum non quam vitae sapien eleifend varius. Phasellus id metus mauris.”

“Mauris aliquam lobortis eros tincidunt sodales. Vestibulum non quam vitae sapien eleifend varius. Phasellus id metus mauris.”

Products Coming Soon!

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